A Lesson In Fondue With Goldener Hirsch


Oh cheese, it should be the 7th food group all on it’s own. I will eat pretty much any kind of cheese. I have a French friend who, when he is in town, presents me with the ripest, craziest cheeses from his home country just to see if I will try it. I always do. So there is no reason that fondue isn’t a staple on my go-to menus for the fall.

Last winter, we met up with Ryan Burnham, the executive chef at Goldener Hirsch, the premier fondue restaurant in Deer Valley. Burnham has put his signature on most of the menu at the restaurant he has led for the past five years, but the fondue recipe has stayed the same as long as anyone can remember.

“I think it’s pretty simple,” says the chef of making fondue. “Start with great cheese, get the ratio’s right, and get the slurry right.” Burnham says the tradition of making fondue is one he encourages at home. “The act of it is very communal, people sitting around a pot of hot cheese and griping about the holidays.”

Have fun playing with the accoutrements. From the standard bread and cornichons, to cured meats fruits and vegetables. Anything goes well dipped in this hot goey heaven that is called fondue.

Follow his tips, tricks and this recipe to create this decadent dish at home. For the full article, click HERE.


Fun Fact:

The origin of fondue began in Switzerland during the 18th century as a creative way to use aging cheeses and breads during the winter, when there was limited access to fresh food. The melted cheese would make the stale bread softer and thus, reduce waste. It became more commonplace during the 1930’s when the Swiss Cheese Union ran a marketing campaign designed to increase cheese consumption. The word “fondue” comes from the French word “fondre” which means “to melt,” and has since been used to reference many other types of fondue, including meats, seafood and chocolate.


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