Athlete’s Eats: Ashley Battersby, Yoga Instructor and Owner of State of Mind Studio


There’s certainly no shortage of professional athletes living and playing in Park City. Athlete’s Eats is a series where we sit down with some of our favorites to learn where they eat around town to fuel their active lives.

After more than 17 years as a professional freeskier, Ashley Battersby has transitioned into a thriving career helping others reach their fitness and health goals. She’s a yoga teacher, group fitness instructor and ski coach, and recently opened her own yoga and fitness studio, State of Mind, in a refurbished 100-year-old building in Coalville.

With days that typically consist of teaching at least five classes, in addition to private yoga sessions and ski lessons, Battersby needs lots of fuel to get her through her jam-packed schedule.

We caught up with her to learn more about her daily routine, transition to making fitness her full-time job, and where she loves to eat (and drink) around town.

Dishing: Are you a coffee drinker? If so, what’s your fave coffee shop?

Battersby: HUGE! I have to be to sustain! I love Kona Coffee which I brew at home, but I would say Atticus when I get a minute to stroll Main Street with the man and pups, because the vibe is so chill and they support local artisans. I also like Silver King because I am always on my way to the next appointment and they have chocolate-covered espresso beans!

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Ashley Battersby - Coffee


What’s your go-to breakfast before you teach or attend a yoga class?

I’ve been intermittent fasting for a couple months now to help my brain health. With all the concussions from skiing, my brain needs some love and fasting helps with regeneration. So my first meal is at 11 a.m. It sounds gross when I type it out, but really tastes like berries! I blend spinach, egg whites, almond milk, collagen and strawberries every night for the next morning, since I don’t have much time between classes to eat. I’ve also been eating sourdough bread with mashed avocado and “everything but the bagel” seasoning with a little lemon juice for snacks lately.

Best place to grab lunch while you’re out and about?

Wasatch Bagel has an amazing southwest poppy chicken sammy, and no one can touch their fries! I love Vessel for their avocado toast. Harvest has the best Buddha bowls too!

Best place to eat (and apres) after a long powder day?

Honestly, I love me some pepperoni pizza at Davanza’s in town (their fry sauce and ranch!), or Maxwell’s

Davanza’s Pepperoni Pizza

Best brunch spot?

We love Good Karma. The coconut eggs Benedict is by far the best breakfast.

Favorite restaurant to celebrate a special occasion ?

All of our friends go to Sushi Blue. The ESAD and Hustler are my favorite rolls!

Favorite dessert and/or adult beverage?

I haven’t had sweets out in a long time. But I love a good full throttle Pontiac margarita at Billy Blanco’s!

What was the transition out of professional skiing into yoga like for you?

My dream was to make the Olympics. When I blew out my knee in 2014 and missed the Games, I had to make some serious life decisions. I gave it another year, and blew my 5th ACL. Then I decided I was going to get my yoga teacher training and just do it for the healing aspect and to help my heart deal with all the injuries.

I didn’t know that from yoga training, I would find myself and ditch the labels as a pro skier and move onto a new path. The transition for most pro athletes is one of the hardest ones, and you really don’t know what it’s like until you’ve been though it. You go through a period where you feel lost, alone, like you don’t have a place in space without the title. There’s a lot of questioning of yourself — who am I without this thing I focused everything on my whole life?! But yoga and fitness for me were therapeutic and those tools aided in my transition pretty smoothly.

Ashley Battersby - Yoga


What else should we know about your new studio?

We’re having a huge opening party on April 13! Athleta, our main sponsor, is giving away free goodie bags to the 8:30 a.m. power flow class, and there will be an open house after that from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. with a free entry for a raffle giveaway with more great prizes! Come see us at 23. S. Main Street Coalville, UT 84017.  


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