Choosing Sushi in the Mountains: Part Two


We don’t just do sushi, we have to elevate it, to 7,200 feet to be exact. There are a lot of choices when it comes to sushi in the mountains. Here are two more options in Park City that have their own unique take on Japanese cuisine.

Yuki Yama Sushi

Yuki Yama, located in the heart of Main Street, offers a contemporary mix of Korean and Japanese cuisine, featuring the best seasonal ingredients that are designed to encourage sampling and sharing at the table. The decor is a perfect fusion of East meets West, with the Japanese style tatami room that seats a romantic party for two or a can host a large group.

What is really special about this restaurant is the relentless search owner Matt Baydala goes on to find the freshest ingredients to complement the fish he flies in daily from the East and West coasts.

From visiting the local farmers markets weekly to source heirloom tomatoes for his tomato water (featured in the summer mandai dish) to gathering squash blossoms to stuff with fried rice and gently tempura fried, you will find special, flavorful surprises on the menu nightly.

Keeping the menu fresh and innovative is a passion for Baydala.

Have some sushi virgins in the bunch? No worries. Yuki Yama has everyone covered. The lamb lolipops and the baby back ribs, with jalapeno and chocolate teriyaki glaze is a must-try for everyone at the table. House-made ramen in broth that has been simmering for more than a day to develop the traditional flavors are all on the menu. For more information, visit their website HERE.

Lespri Prime Steak & Sushi

Tucked away in an unassuming building in Prospector is Lespri Prime Steak and Sushi Bar. Not to be dissuaded, once you open the doors, you are opening yourself up to your every whim when it comes to Sushi. Lespri, known best for its exquisite USDA Prime steaks, holds sushi to those same high standards.

Lespri caterers to all their guests and their guests needs. Flying fresh fish in daily is just the beginning. When at Lespri, you just roll with it. Starting with a traditional spicy roll to warm your palate, you can quickly move on to their signature selections. The Oh Mai, with maguro, cucumber, cilantro, and kimchi topped with hamachi, jalapeno, eel sauce and sriracha will stoke the flavor fires.

Or try something out of the box like the baked avocado. Half avocado stuffed with spicy maguro, salmon, hamachi, escolar and shrimp topped with green onions, tobiko, crunchies and eel sauce.

Lespri has multiple dining experiences from the intimate sushi bar to their outdoor patio, a quiet, secluded spot with fire pits and live music in the evenings. For more information and the menu, click HERE.

We are on a roll and not ready to stop. Keep posted for part three of our Sushi in the Mountains blog coming soon. But for now, take your tastebuds on a culinary tour of Asian cuisine at 7,200 feet. All unique and worth a try, experience Yama Sushi at Montage Deer Valley, Flying Sumo Sushi and Grill, Yuki Yama Sushi and Lespri Prime Steak and Sushi Bar.



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