Debunking the Digestif with Waterpocket


It’s that time of year where we find ourselves shamelessly overindulging in a symposium of heavy foods and libations. After the mixture of wine, cocktails and overall richness, where do you go to settle your stomach?

Waterpocket Distillery will satisfy even the most discerning palate with their unique selection of digestifs that will both satisfy your holiday palate and ease your struggling stomach.

Di-ges-tif; An alcoholic beverage served after a meal, to aid digestion.

Julia and Alan Scott of Waterpocket Distillery have set their mark in Utah with a very bold style of house spirits. The couple has brought a taste of what they’ve learned through their travels and experiences to the distillery scene with a variety of unique spirits including; Toadstool Notom Amaro and Long Lost Oread.

These now Utah locals — by way of the Midwest — are tracing back to the pre-prohibition days when herbal spirits, bitters and liqueurs were part of the major trends in alcohol. Lucky for us, these styles of drink carry health benefits that can aid in digestion and work beautifully in cocktails, neat, or as a warming nightcap. Due to their complex flavors, nothing necessarily needs to be mixed in but adding a little ginger beer or tonic will lighten your dose.

To find out more about Waterpocket and the spirits they distill, visit their website HERE.


Here’s what is available in the state stores;

Waterpocket Toadstool Notom Amaro $28.99/btl

Aromatic anise. Peppermint. Galanga balanced with bittering agents leads to flavors of honeyed gentian and rhubarb.

Delivers a calming warmth on the throat and stomach.

Waterpocket Long Lost Oread $28.99/btl

Essence of aromatic roots, spices and flowers. Combining Roman Chamomile Galanga, Star Anise, Orange Peel, with an addition of 8 more herbs and spices to produce this exceptional botanical liqueur.

Go ahead and imbibe in the glory of digestifs this holiday season!


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Caitlin is a Chicago native who recently moved to Park City from North Lake Tahoe, California. After years of working in hospitality she used her enthusiasm for food and beverage as a guiding inspiration toward a career in the wine industry. She now works in a position assisting Park City restaurateurs in structuring their beverage programs, with her love of food playing as an inspiration. Caitlin is WSET Level 2 Certified and is currently working toward her Certified Specialist of Wine Credential. During her downtime Caitlin loves to entertain and wow her friends with traditional, authentic recipes including tacos Al Pastor and Polish Bigos along with a properly paired wine, of course! In the warmer months Caitlin enjoys leading wine hikes with a different weekly varietal and the bonus being a wine tasting with view of the gorgeous Utah Mountains.

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