DBR Implements Green Initiatives


In our resort town, where the population explodes from 8,000 residents to over half a million in the wintertime, it’s difficult to uphold the scenic beauty and environment of this place we love to live and visit. Vacationers from around the world travel to our neck of the woods to enjoy our outdoor playground and support our economy year after year. Diversified Bars and Restaurants of Park City is committed to doing more for our community and preserving our playground in 2018 and beyond.

A few years back DBR, which is the umbrella for No Name Saloon, Butcher’s Chop House, Boneyard Saloon & Kitchen, and Wine Dive, took the initiative to ixnay wasteful paper towels and cocktail napkins and replace them with high-efficiency hand dryers and reusable coasters. And unlike lots of us, DBR is keeping good on their New Year’s resolutions by taking their green initiatives even further.

Each day about 500 million plastic straws are thrown out. That amount of waste is enough to wrap around our earth two and a half times! The DBR establishments have said au revoir to plastic straws. Patrons can now receive biodegradable paper straws by request at any of their four locations.

It turns out that the seemingly plain aluminum can is kind of amazing. Aluminum is the most recycled beverage container on the planet and, when recycled, it can be repurposed infinitely. Ninety percent of the energy used to produce more aluminum is saved by recycling your cans, which is why DBR is underway with their new aluminum recycling program.

Lastly, the DBR is changing our leftovers. They are now using biodegradable to-go containers and using paper bags in lieu of plastic bags as well as using biodegradable tableware and plates. Styrofoam takeout containers (or any Styrofoam product for that matter) cannot be recycled, and these products take 500 years to decompose. Changing from plastics and Styrofoam drastically helps not only our community, but keeps our oceans cleaner too.

These initiatives are a huge investment by DBR for our community and they are leading other restaurants to positive changes. Locals and visitors can help facilitate what we want from our restaurants as well. Do your research on which establishments are facilitating green initiatives, say no to plastic straws, keep a to-go coffee cup in your purse or bag, recycle; the ways in which we can lead change are just as infinite as the aluminum can!

Every day during Sundance you can get your brunch on with Boneyard Saloon from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. or head over to Butcher’s Chop House for an elevated lunch!

Boneyard Saloon & Kitchen: Open from 10 a.m.-1 a.m. Find them on 1251 Kearns Blvd (at The Yard). During Sundance, enjoy brunch daily from 10am-2pm.

Butcher’s Chop House: Open from 3 p.m.-1 a.m. Located at 751 Lower Main St. During Sundance, grab lunch at Butcher’s opening at 11am.

No Name Saloon: Open from 10 a.m-1 a.m. Right in the heart of Old Town at 447 Main St.

Wine Dive: Open from 4 p.m.-1 a.m. Right next to Boneyard at 1251 Kearns Blvd at The Yard.


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Meredith is a Chicago transplant and ski bum turned freelance writer. She has been in the restaurant business off an on since she was 16 and learned to cook from her parents, so she knows a good dish when she sees one (especially if it's deep dish). Park City has been home base for 4 years and counting and when she isn't working you can find her skiing, golfing, hiking, fishing, or camping.

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