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click here When talking about seafood, most people don’t automatically think of Utah. Or at least we would hope not. Luckily for our strip of fine dining on Main Street, we have access to amazingly fresh seafood. When it comes to fresh fish, nothing beats sushi, sashimi or nigiri. Flying Sumo Sushi & Grill has their sushi rolls and cuts down pat and should be on your go-to list of Park City staples.

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click here For more than 18 years, Flying Sumo has been, and continues to be, a spot for the locals. The atmosphere is laid back and the menu is straightforward- featuring favorite rolls like Chuck Norris, Jessica Albacore, and the F N’ Hot. Head chef Adam Brown takes pride in the amazing quality of the fish he serves and on non-pretentious, unique sushi. The slightly off-Main restaurant gets shipments of fresh and freshly frozen fish on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And yet, another order arrives on some Fridays. Frozen fish tends to sound lackluster in comparison to fresh. Frozen fish is just as quality, and in some cases can be higher quality, than the fresh fish we tend to lean towards. Brown and his staff are extremely selective in their vendors and decide between fresh or frozen based on quality. The most crucial element in all food buying decisions at Flying Sumo is quality. In our land-locked state, there is no hindrance for supplies of coast-quality fish.

Take advantage of the summer season to try something new. For me, it was the Kraken Roll. I usually default to anything with tempura shrimp and was tempted to taste something out of the box. The Kraken has octopus with lemon and fresh vegetables; the octopus has the same snap that I usually find from shrimp, and the lemon and veggies made it a perfect fresh bite. Go for the Tropic Thunder for a wonderfully sweet and crunchy twist or the F N’ Hot for the spice.

If sushi isn’t your thing, their kitchen specialties and appetizers are able to satisfy the token friend who doesn’t eat sushi. Shishito peppers, edamame and miso soup are the perfect pre-roll bites.

50% Off Rolls and Nigiri

Take advantage of one of the locals’ favorite specials this summer. Fifty percent off rolls and nigiri is available through Nov. 30. Special restrictions do apply.

Dine-in only. All sushi rolls on the  menu and nigiri. No nigiri combos. Fifty percent off is applied to food items only and gratuity of 18 percent is added previous to discount. This special is not to be combined with any other offer. Offer is valid from April 9 through Nov. 30. Not valid Fridays and Saturdays from June 1-Sept. 30.

For more information, click HERE.

Flying Sumo Sushi

838 Park Ave
Park City, UT 84060



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