Gingerbread ART continues to “wow” at the Stein Eriksen Lodge and Montage Deer Valley


What to put on the Christmas to-do list? Going to the Stein Eriksen Lodge and Montage Deer Valley to check out their annual gingerbread houses.

Stein Eriksen Gingerbread House

Stein Eriksen for the last 15 years has been wowing people with elaborate gingerbread houses on display. With assistance from both the engineering and culinary departments, the gingerbread display generally requires a staff of more than 10 people, with at least three working on it at a time. This year’s gingerbread house will be in the shape of a Star Wars AT-AT Walker with legs over seven feet tall and the main body just over four feet, making the full height of the display over 11 feet tall and 12 feet long. To create this display, the teams used more than 50 pounds of molasses, 40 dozen eggs, 250 pounds of sugar and 4 pounds of pure spices for the gingerbread alone! (Maybe just a little bellyache when consumed) *Photo credit: Stein Eriksen Marketing Department*

montage gingerbread house

The Montage Pastry Chef, Stephen Jones, and his team at the Montage Deer Valley are counting down the 12 days ’til Christmas with their annual gingerbread display. Each house resembles the story for each 12 days of Christmas and each house will light up as we count down to Christmas. The total number of ingredients to create this amazing display: Powdered Sugar- 60 pounds, Gingerbread dough -110 pounds, Sugar -35 pounds, Frosting -100 pounds, Butter -25 pounds, Flour -40 pounds… and the most important part, Labor: 400 hours. So again, maybe it’s better to just view these beauties instead of eat them. The scenic drive up to the Montage just got even more worthwhile to take to get to see this creation for yourself.


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