Hail Caesar! Ski Town Twists on a Salad Classic.


Always a Favorite, Caesar Salad!

We’re all foodies here, right? We love culinary adventures, trying new trendy fare and knowing what the next hip dish is to tempt us. Here’s the thing – sometimes, you just need to return to something comfortable – a classic dish that is tried and true. For me, it’s Caesar salad. The quintessential salad is filled with flavor, crisp romaine, crunchy croutons, and topped with the most controversial ingredients of all times – the anchovy. There are Caesar salad standouts here in Park City – restaurants who take this timeless dish to another level.  Here’s the low-down on must-trys should you be as addicted as I am to this timeless salad.

Edge Steakhouse Caesar Salad


Edge Steakhouse – A Nod to Old School Technique

I am beyond excited when a restaurant offers table-side Caesar salad service. It’s tough to beat, and sadly, hard to find. Not many indulge diners in the classic creation done as diners look on with anticipation of their first bite. One of my favorite Caesar salad experiences is undoubtedly at Edge Steakhouse. They get it. The salad chef rolls out their mobile creation station filled with the finest and freshest ingredients, parks next to your table, and the process begins. The custom wood bowl is seasoned with anchovy prior to making the dressing. If anchovy isn’t your thing, or you’re vegan, mention it to your server and they’ll happily accommodate you. The best of the best ingredients are whisked together to craft their version of classic Caesar dressing – from imported extra virgin olive oil to Spanish anchovies to whole grain mustard. The quality of each component is apparent. As they whip everything together, they customize the dressing to your taste. Do you like your dressing a bit lighter? Creamier? Say the word! Topped off with fresh grated Parmesan and a squeeze of lemon, the salad is served up straight out of the bowl. Nicole Waltrip, the general manager at Edge, had the best description ever about their Caesar experience; “The twist is, there is no twist. It should just be done correctly.”. We agree! Vibrant and filled with taste complexity, crisp and not overly salty, this is as good as it gets for table-side Caesar salad. Tip: in the winter, please ask in advance for table service – it’s a local secret! Be sure to ask for one of their house-made popovers on the side. Topped with Gruyere cheese and served alongside Himalayan sea salt butter, it’s a true delight.

Stein Eriksen Lodge Caesar

The Glitretind – Ski Lodge Classic Caesar

The two most popular dishes served up in the  Glitretind Restaurant, located in Stein Eriksen Lodge, are their Stein Burger, and of course, their Caesar salad. Often noted as one of the best in Park City, this ample salad is a true crowd pleaser, and big enough to split! Fresh, crisp romaine is tossed with their signature dressing offering a traditional Caesar flavor profile a true Caesar aficionado will appreciate. But there’s more! My favorite part? The house made puttanesca relish dolloped on top adding a savory taste on top of the garlicky goodness of the dressing. Fresh baked Asiago croutons, shaved Parmesan and fresh ground pepper round out the ingredients. Looking for more of a meal? Top your salad with grilled chicken, grilled shrimp or even steak. A classic salad served up in the epitome of classic ski lodge resorts – a five-diamond experience all around



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