Match Made in Heaven: Announcing Alpine Spur Whiskey


The wonders of whiskey never cease. Let’s raise our glasses to The Spur Bar and Grill and Alpine Distilling for coming together and creating a whiskey that melds old with new in a progressive yet smooth sipping spirit.

Photo by Fireflies Photography

Photos by Fireflies Photography

The Visionaries

Cortney Johanson, husband Fabio Ferreira, and stepfather Aaron Hofmann, owners of The Spur Bar and Grill, with were trying to find a way to express the culture of The Spur, melding the new with the old. For locals, The Spur Back of the Bar is a staple stop for nights out, with live music, familiar faces and crafty cocktails. Full disclosure, my wedding reception was at The Back of the Bar. Now, with the addition to The Spur, with an entrance on Main Street, there is a place for everything; dinner, cocktails, music and letting your hair down. Blending the old with the new bringing the two together, that was the goal.

With this philosophy in mind, Johansen and Ferreira reached out to Rob and Sara Sargent of Alpine Distilling. “Bourbon is a classic spirit that has strict rules and stood the test of time. The American single malt whiskey is a new and modern and just recently recognized as a new category” Johansen said. This was the perfect blend.

The Creators

“Crafting a spirit that excels as both a sipping whiskey and in complex cocktails is challenging,” said Rob Sargent of Alpine Distilling. “We were comparing the responsibility of being a Kentuckian making whiskey to being innovative bar owners at a classic Main Street setting. Reviewing taste profiles we each discussed what we liked in our Traveler’s Rest Single Malt paired with our bourbon. It quickly became apparent that if we could find the right balance and bring forward the best in our two base whiskies something magical and delicious could happen. Our French Oak aged single malt has a wonderful banana, mocha note finish with a vanilla spice; our bourbon brings the corn sweetness and American oak brown flavors with very subtle rye spice.”

And magical it is. When tasting a new whiskey, it’s imperative that you try it straight up first (or at least that’s what I was told). Sip a little then add a few ice cubes. Which do you like better?

Next, we had to mix up a few cocktails using Alpine Spur Whiskey. First up was a twist on a traditional whiskey sour. The Spur makes all their hand-crafted cocktails from scratch with house-made simple syrup, to fresh-squeezed lime and lemon juices. And yes, there is an egg in the recipe. Next, we sampled the Bootlegger, a deviation from the Manhattan and poured over an ice ball and garnished with an Amarena cherry. Head on over to The Spur Bar and Grill and sample the Alpine Spur Whiskey for yourself. You will not be disappointed. For those of you who prefer to sample at home, Spur Whiskey is available at Alpine Distillers Distillery Store and State Liquor Stores.





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