Paint Cups and Eat Crepes at Paint Fusion


buy azithromycin From the very first platter Gary Sharp painted (pictured below), he was hooked on the hobby. As soon as the doctor retired he moved back to Utah, where he spent time growing up, and opened his own ceramic painting shop. Paint Fusion has been happening in Redstone ever since and over the last ten years he, and the many guests through the doors, have customized countless platters, bowls, cups and other decorative objects. amoxicillin paint fusion

click here The entertaining concept allows guests to come in and pick from a large variety of unfinished objects. With Sharp’s guidance and expertise, or on your own, you can paint and decorate the dishes to your desire. After you are done, Sharp and his team will process the piece or pieces and either reserve them for you to pick up or ship it to your home. All the finished pottery is food safe and the experts on hand can show you techniques if you want advice.

paint fusion

The studio is open every day at 10:30 a.m. (except on Sundays which begin at noon). On Friday and Saturday nights the hours extend to 8 p.m. (from the usual 6 p.m.).  Sharp said that groups are welcome to bring wine along if they like and the store has hosted many group events.

While there, don’t miss the café component at the store. A full coffee and tea bar menu accompanies the activities. Sharp, who lived in France for a couple of years, also learned the art of making crepes and will whip up fresh crepes filled with favorites like Nutella or ham and cheese.

paint fusion

There is also a station for making glass objects and instructors who will guide you through the process. Next time you want to mix up your day or create a custom piece for your table, give Paint Fusion a try!


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