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Park City Coffee Roasters has been providing Park City with high altitude brew for 20 years running. Rob and Ray, the Hibl brothers, are passionate about their coffee. Sourcing organic and fair trade beans from the finest farms around the world, they blend and roast in small batches right in Park City.

Kristen Barber, of Stein Eriksen Real Estate, and I met with Rob Hibl at Park City Coffee Roaster’s Cafe in Kimball Junction to get a unique tasting of some new beans he has sourced for blending. Using the Chemex pour over glass coffee maker to enhance the flavors of the coffee, Rob treated us to three unique beans from Rwanda, Haiti and Yemen.

Our tasting  was hosted in the new private room at The cafe, 1680 W. Ute Blvd. You can reserve the private room for large groups, meetings or parties. House-made pastries, sandwiches, and of course a multitude of coffee drinks from pour-over to espresso.


First up was the Organic Haitian Blue Mountain.  A mellow, smooth and creamy body with low acidity and a buttery mouth feel, this exceptional Haitian Blue coffee comes from Coopacvod, one of the oldest known cooperatives in Haiti. It is the only organic coffee found in Haiti as well as the only Blue Mountain being exported from Haiti at this time.  The cooperative’s president, Francis Dubois, was an ex-physics professor from Port au Prince. He has used his knowledge to employ local river water to power the wash facility at the cooperative and filter the waste water before returning to the river. This helps to prevent the acids found in coffee cherries from harming the surrounding eco-system and other local farms.


Second, we tried the KOAKAKA Karambi/Rwashossco from Rwanda. The flavor and taste of the fully washed coffee from KOAKAKA Karambi is a result of combined effect of agro-ecological conditions in which the coffees are grown and practices that emphasize quality processing.  This award-winning cooperative boasts several prizes in the Golden Cup and the Cup of Excellence competition since 2007. This flavorful coffee is certified fair-trade and comes from Cyanika sector an area known as part of high mountain in Rwanda, which are nurtured and ideal land to produce the best quality coffee in the country. Fully ripened cherries provided by the cooperative farmers guarantees greater consistency and a wonderful flavor.


Saving the best for last, Rob brewed us up coffee from Yemen, a coffee culture like no other place. The distinct flavor profile can be partially credited to the old style of trade in the country. Yemen is the first place coffee was commercialized and traded through the port city of Al Mahka (Mokha). Yemeni coffee has a distinct, rustic flavor profile, which can be attributed to the fact it is all dry-processed as well as cultivated old seed stocks in a near-drought conditions. The Yemen trade is very complicated and facilitated through an extensive network of middlemen. Not to mention the competition from the Saudi’s, coffee from Yemen is some of the highest priced coffee around. Park City Coffee Roasters artfully blends this unique bean to create a palatable brew.

A little too much information on coffee from around the world? No worries. When you enter Park City Coffee Roaster, you are greeted warmly by the educated staff that will help you chose the brew that is just right for you. But don’t miss the opportunity to sample some of the artful blends concocted by the Hibl Brothers. The perfect place to meet, greet and relax over a great cup of high altitude brew.




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