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metronidazole For over 16 years Riverhorse On Main has established itself as a Park City staple that elevated fine dining on Main Street as we know it. In January of last year, we introduced you to Riverhorse’s casual bodega side, Provisions. This is where you grab coffee and a handmade cronut or one of their thoughtfully crafted sandwiches. The a la carte food shines as reasonably priced, upscale versions of breakfast and lunch items we know and love. However, Provisions’ specialty market, to-go items, prepared foods, and grocery selection deserve a second, or maybe even a first, consideration.

where can i get amoxicillin otc Upon walking through the second floor stony entrance, we see on the right hand side the grocery which holds everything from refrigerated dairies and fresh produce to dry foods as well as sauces and dressings. Name any cuisine and Provisions has the ingredients to conquer whatever the craving: American, Italian, Mexican, even Indian are all viable options.  Whether the night calls for a meal requiring mise en place and full prep or something to simply throw in the oven, all the bases are covered at Provisions.

where can i buy azithromycin otc Continuing on in the minimarket, there are two sections of prepared foods where expedient lunches and dinners live; grab a to-go lasagna or wild game meatballs to throw in the oven or take a spinach salad and lobster bisque on your way into work for lunch. The to-go case is full of dips, fresh salads, sandwiches and sushi-grade tuna poke that will satisfy any lunch or snack craving. The newest addition to this case are locally brewed Squatters and Wasatch beers.

The perfect bite needs to be finished with a perfect sip, Provisions provides organic margarita mix, bloody Mary mix, and a full range of craft bitters for the mixologist in the group. (Note: Provisions does not sell liquor aside from crafted cocktails to be enjoyed with food, however, a liquor store is just a stone’s throw away on Swede Alley).

Snacks and apps: the most important meal(s) of the day. For the kid in you, or the actual kids, find organic chocolates and cookies, fruit snacks, or Pringles and pork rinds in the Provisions snack alley. Charcuterie is a buzzword in the dining world at the moment and it happens to be a Provisions specialty. The chefs can craft custom charcuterie boards with the perfect combination of sweet, nutty, salty and tangy. Or if you’re a seasoned charcuter-er choose from the professional grade variety of local meats and cheeses, jams, honeys, cornichons and more.

Equally delicious, yet more low-key appetizer options include their tri-color tortilla chips that accompany any of their homemade dips, personal favorites include the hummus and buffalo chicken dip which are perfect to bring to any party or wine night. Another great option to win best-guest award is to bring any of their handcrafted desserts and baked goods, including ice cream!

Last but not least, the deli counter is home to gorgeous cuts of fish and steak, bone-in and without, to prepare at home. For an easy dinner, choose your protein and any of the ready-made veggie sides for a complete meal. Create a delicious kobe beef taco night complete with avocado, house-made pico, tortillas, and limes from their market. Fried chicken or pork chop with mashed potatoes and vegetable medley sounds pretty good for dinner tonight.

The options for take-home sweet treats and eats is just about endless at the deli-grocer. Provisions’ small, yet wonderfully mighty, market brings high-end and thoughtful ingredients to Main Street, whether it’s a convenient dinner for the family, a well-planned date night or four-course dinner party, the market has all of the elevated ingredients for the best night in.

Located in the Imperial Hotel at 221 Main Street, their hours may vary in the upcoming mud season, but until then they are open from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Stay tuned for Dishing updates on who is open during mud season and how locations’ hours are affected.


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Meredith is a Chicago transplant and ski bum turned freelance writer. She has been in the restaurant business off an on since she was 16 and learned to cook from her parents, so she knows a good dish when she sees one (especially if it's deep dish). Park City has been home base for 4 years and counting and when she isn't working you can find her skiing, golfing, hiking, fishing, or camping.

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