The Bagel Den Offers New York Options


Anyone living in and/or commuting to and from Heber should get excited about the newest option for breakfast and lunch. The Bagel Den is now open!

And owner Matt Johnston knows a good bagel when he sees one. He worked in a bagel shop in Park City for many years before hatching a plan with fellow restaurateur Allan Galeano (who owns Burgers & Barley among other Park City spots) to open his own shop in Heber. “It fills a niche,” he said.

He found a creative way to offer the New York-style bagels so many love and prefer. According to the experts, it is something about the water in that state that makes the bagels chewy. Since you can’t ship in water, he found a supplier to ship him pre-made (but unbaked) bagels from New York. So, the bagels at The Bagel Den are baked fresh but offer the texture that is harder to recreate anywhere else.

The shop is open beginning at 6 a.m., seven days a week. There are 18 flavors to choose from and ten varieties of cream cheese to choose from too. At lunch you will find salads and soups, with egg sandwiches in the a.m. as well.

Commuting? Hit up The Bagel Den via the convenient drive-in. You can even pre-order online. Prices are a great value and everything is made fresh, in house. But as you will see from the images, it is also a great spot to meet up and hang out for as long as you like.

the bagel den


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