Tips For Summer Fruit Salads


It seems like there is a fresh melon salad on every menu this season. Maybe because there is an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies at the local farmers markets and stands right now in Park City. Take advantage of the sweet and pair with savory using these simple tips and tricks.

Chef Seth Adams from Riverhorse suggests squeezing some Meyer lemon juice over fruit salads to complement the melon. Try blending in some local honey to balance the acid. Play with other flavors such as jalapeños to give your salad a bit of a kick. Removing the seeds and using the flesh for the crunch and flavor will help regulate the heat. Add cheeses like feta and ricotta salata to boost the complexity and texture of the dish.


Sea salts come in many varieties. You can find a great selection at Riverhorse Provisions at the top of Main Street. Try a black sea salt over watermelon like in the mango watermelon salad pictured above from Provisions.

Try different brands and regional olive oils as well. You might find one that is flavored you really like. There is no wrong answer when it comes to dressing a summer salad. Just keep it light and playful. If all else fails, head on over to Riverhorse Provisions and have them make you a bowl of summer greens to quench your tastebuds.


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