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Bottle Shock

There are more than 200 restaurants and bars in Park City, many specializing in unique and robust wine and beer lists for diners’ pleasure. With each bottle poured, the given byproduct is the empty glass bottle. One of the more challenging recyclables in Park City, glass cannot be recycled in the standard residential containers and must be brought and sorted at Recycle Utah, where it is then transported to Salt Lake City to be repurposed. Now is your chance to uncork your support for local glass recycling at the 7th annual Uncorked event at Recycle Utah.

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Uncorked and in Your Glass

Recycle Utah plays host to the 7th annual Uncorked outdoor concert at the recycling center from 5-9 p.m. Friday. Featuring music by Motherlode Canyon Band and food from Praise Cheezus and Komrades along with cocktails from Alpine Distilling and Park City Brewery. Proceeds from the $7 ticket (purchase at the door) go toward supporting Recycle Utah’s glass recycling programs. All glass accepted by Recycle Utah is recycled by Momentum Recycling in Salt Lake City. This collection program saves space in the Summit County landfill and conserves precious natural resources.

We spoke to Haley Lebsack, the Communications and Development Director at Recycle Utah to get a little behind-the-scenes look at Uncorked and the glass recycle program at the Recycle Center.

generic azithromycin over the counter This is the 7th annual Uncorked event. What was the catalyst for creating this annual event? Hauling glass to Salt Lake City for recycling is expensive for Recycle Utah. We spend more to get the glass to the valley to get recycled than we make on the recycling. So, with the support of event sponsor ACE Recycling and Disposal we decided to host a fun party in the summer sun to support the glass recycling program.

amoxicillin over the counter buy now Uncorked is a pretty casual event for Park City. Why did you chose to go with an event at the Recycling Center featuring food trucks? Everyone utilizes the Recycling Center. We serve every socio-economic status in the community. And, we offer different fundraising opportunities for every level.  Uncorked is an event for everyone — the family of four, the young college kid, the retired couple and everyone in between. It is the perfect casual way to enjoy a summer evening in Park City. Summer is a great time to show off the Center and have a fun, relaxed party.  For those looking for a truly one of a kind experience we also host our 100 Mile Meal on Aug. 11 at a private ranch in Oakley. A gourmet five-course menu is created by the chefs at Park City Mountain Resort from food donated from local farmers and ranchers who are within 100 miles of Park City. Tickets are on sale now for the event at recycleutah.org

click here Your glass recycle bins are sponsored by local businesses. How does bin sponsorship benefit Recycle Utah and the efforts to keep glass out of the landfill? Glass bins are currently sponsored by Aloha Sports, Squatters and Wasatch Brewery, Good Earth Recycling, Summit Sotheby’s and Old Town Cellars. Bin sponsorship helps cover the cost of hauling the materials for recycling. These businesses are committed to sustainability in Summit County. Recycle Utah could not keep about 3.5 million pounds out of the landfill annually without the support of our bin sponsors and local donors.

Alpine Distilling proudly sponsors the glass bins at Recycle Utah.

Why do you have to separate brown glass from all other glass? We pre-sort because the different colors of glass are turned into different products.  Brown glass turns back into brown glass. Green and clear glass turns into fiberglass insulation. Our blue glass goes to Heritage Glass and they utilize it for art projects and things like floors.

I love that there are little buckets by the glass recycling for bottle caps, corks, etc… Touch on how you strive to be a completely zero waste facility. The reason Recycle Utah can maintain successful recycling rates in a turbulent recycling market is because all items are sorted at site. Keeping contamination rates low by pulling out caps and corks from glass helps us keep our diversion rates high. We encourage Summit County to reduce their waste, then recycle their waste.
What are some of the challenges in educating people about glass recycling and the benefits of keeping it out of the landfill? Glass recycling is commonly not collected in co-mingled recycling because when it breaks it contaminates the other commodities. Separating glass is the best option to ensure that the recycling that is collected is actually recycled. This is one of the reasons at Recycle Utah we are committed to taking sorted glass. We only have one earth. And space is at a premium. When it comes to recycling versus landfilling an item, I always go back to my favorite quote from Annie Leonard, a proponent of sustainability; “There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.” It sits on our land for generations and generations. When we recycle it gets turned into a new product.

Conscious Uncoupling

So when you are done sipping on that summer rose or downing a brown nut ale, remember to  consciously recycle that bottle and dispose in one of the sponsored glass bins at Recycle Utah.



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