Wellness Wednesday: 5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Diet


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As the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.” This expression especially holds true when it comes to this ski season. But at least the advent of spring brings some fresh perspectives — especially when it comes to our eating habits.

Don’t get us wrong: At Dishing, we’re all for indulging in the fantastic food that Park City has to offer. (Just take a look at our best winter desserts, and we bet you’ll agree.)

However, there’s something beneficial — mentally and physically — about a reset after a winter of rich, savory, heavy foods.

That’s where Fairweather Natural Foods comes in. This locally owned and operated store on Iron Horse Drive offers an array of vegan, organic baked goods, along with an impressive selection of vitamins, herbs, homeopathic remedies and supplements. Essentially, as soon as you walk in you’ll automatically feel healthier.

fairweather-foods-spring-cleanIf you’re interested in doing a little “spring cleaning” for your diet, owner Jen Rattray highly recommends their range of Renew Life Rapid Cleanses. These have been extremely popular among her customers, she says. (Learn more here, but head into Fairweather to purchase! #buylocal.)

Renew Life, the company behind the cleanses, believes that “a healthy gut is a happy gut.” Indeed, tons of research have shown a connection between the gut (your digestive system) and the rest of your health — mood and brain included. For nearly 20 years, they’ve been formulating high quality digestive care supplements to help you achieve optimal health, from the inside out.

Choose from a 7-day cleanse (which is what I bought, because let’s be real!), a 14-day cleanse or a 30-day cleanse. Each contains herbal supplements that support detoxification, remove digestive toxins and promote healthy bowel elimination to help you feel better, lighter and more energized by the end.

We bet you’re wondering: Where’s the “catch”? Well, yes, you do have to eat healthy. Here are five tips to “spring clean” your diet (whether or not you buy the supplements).

fairweather-foods-spring-clean1. Eat more whole foods.

Whole foods provide more enzymes and nutrients that may be missing from boxed, processed and pre-packaged foods. Good choices include raw, organic fruits and vegetables (veggies may also be lightly steamed), as well as fermented foods that contain beneficial probiotic cultures. (Think kombucha, yogurt, miso and tempeh.)

2. Incorporate plenty of lean protein.

Great choices include chicken, turkey and fish — especially fatty fish like salmon. Vegetarian options, such as hummus, eggs, nuts, seeds, dairy and plant-based protein shakes, also count.

3. Eat the right kind of grains.

Sources such as millet, buckwheat, quinoa, spelt, wild rice and brown rice provide an excellent source of fiber while cleansing. Skip carbs such as white bread, white rice or any sugary sweets.

4. And the right kind of fats.

Don’t avoid all fats! Healthy fats can be incredibly beneficial to your spring cleaning routine, so try to eat more sources of “good” fats, such as avocado, olives, nuts, seeds, sardines, salmon, coconut and coconut milk. However, do try to avoid trans fats, found in products like pastries and baked goods, as well as fried foods.

5. Drink water — and more water.

Staying hydrated is essential during cleansing. Drink at least eight 8-ounce cups of water per day, as a general rule. Choose purified, spring or filtered water if possible.

Don’t want to do a full-on cleanse?

We understand. That’s why Fairweather carries other great options for creating a healthier lifestyle this spring.

One option would be to consider adding one of their health-enhancing teas to your daily routine. I know, I know — “detox teas” might sound like a bit of hoax. But there are truly lots of health benefits to these teas, from reducing appetite to adding antioxidants.

fairweather-spring-clean-teasOr just stop by for a fresh, nutrient-packed smoothie, juice or salad. A simple change of adding more fresh fruits and veggies to your diet can make a big difference.

Moral of the story? Whatever you choose from Fairweather Foods, you can’t go wrong. If you have any questions, just ask Jen, who’s behind the counter most days.

One more pro tip: On Tuesdays, they offer 15 percent off on supplements — so go grab your cleanse kit and/or detox tea that day, if you’re interested!


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Locke Hughes is a freelance journalist currently based in Park City, who used to live in NYC until the mountains called. She believes long hikes and hot yoga — as well as wine and delicious food — play an important role in a happy life. Follow her outdoors and eating adventures on Instagram @lockehughes.

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