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Back in 2010, a vision was born, a vision to bring together community members and organizations who share the common interest of a communal garden to grow, learn, meet and size_550x415_2014-06-07_10.36.45celebrate together. During a time and age when larger supermarkets dominate the produce scene, Summit Community Gardens gave rise to the opportunity for local gardeners to grow their own fruits, vegetables and even flowers while experiencing and learning from fellow community members around them. The garden, located directly across the street from The Canyons, was a great and convenient location for local gardeners alike to gather and grow. “We believe that people have the right to nutritious, organic and locally grown food,” they say. 

Summit Community Gardens was originally started as a way to provide spaces for people to grow their own fresh food locally. Now, five years later, with a brand new board of directors and a dedicated executive director, the organization is transitioning into the new phase of its development, while in the process of acquiring its own 501c3 status.

SCG 2015

Site of new 2015 garden

The foundation of the new 2015 program will be a brand new garden that will serve as the main location for the garden education classes. They are currently raising funds to support its

SCGdevelopment and its operation.

In short, SCG will create opportunities for the community to gather, learn and grow as regular programming will include events to bring the community together, classes on garden education and places where people can grow their own food. The immediate reach is within the Park City area, but may expand over time as the program grows and builds momentum.

Love UT Give UT

Today, with the help of Love UT Give UT, a nonprofit supporter and donating system, Love Utah Give Utah will raise money for nonprofits and schools through a single online donation platform, providing a simple way to connect donors to charitable causes, including SCG. This 24-hour online fundraising effort, hosted by the Community Foundation of Utah with the generous support of sponsors, will offer hundreds of nonprofits the opportunity to raise millions of dollars. 

Love UT Give UT brings together Utahns for 24 hours of extraordinary giving. On 03.26.15 you can explore the many organizations that improve our state, and make an investment in Utah’s future. Every donation you make during Love UT Give UT will help qualify the recipient for challenge grants and prizes, furthering the impact of your gift. 

Summit Community Garden is just one of the many, many organizations that our state needs to better its future. Please head to Love UT give UT to review the other organizations and donate today! 



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