Drafts Shakes it up to Save the Puppies


Now that we have gotten over the gratuitous puppy picture: Drafts Burger Bar, located in the Westgate Resort at The Canyons Village is known for their appetite pleasing menu for long summer days. But did you know they make amazing hand-crafted milkshakes as well? With names like Don’t Lay A Finger and Strawberry in Paradise, these shakes are above-the-rim goodness served in a crystal goblet rolled in decadent chocolate and festooned with all the sinful snacks you can think of. They take it one step further with the I’ll Have All The Puppies shake benefiting local animal rescue Nuzzles & Co.

We asked a few questions about how these amazing shakes came to fruition:

Drafts’ dining concept changed this year to Drafts Burger Bar now featuring gourmet burgers, your famous wings and ginormous shakes. What was the motivation behind the new dining experience? Drafts has won award after award for our burgers so we thought why not focus on what we do best and bring a gourmet burger bar with a twist to Park City.  Our goal was to wow our guests with over the top burgers that would get mouths watering before they even hit the table.  We’re thrilled to say that it’s been well received by locals and tourists alike and there will be more fun twists on the summer menu as Chef checks out the seasonal items coming in as well. 

Those shakes. Above the rim and literally stuffed with a plethora of goodies such as pop tarts, doughnuts and fried Twinkies. Who was the mastermind behind the concoctions and why? Chef really wanted something that would stand up to the “wow factor” of our burgers and an over the top shake seemed like the perfect fit after the show stopping burgers.  The shake is meant to be something that turns heads when it’s carried through the restaurant and has kids and adults alike ready to indulge.  Chef believes that you eat with your eyes before you even have your first bite so these shakes are adorned with some of the most delectable treats from everyone’s childhood.  We even roll the glass in chocolate and coat it with rainbow sprinkles for that little extra awe factor.

I’m sure there was a line out the door to taste-test the new whipped wonders, but who got to name all the shakes? It was a fun think tank with the chefs and management, and everyone had a blast doing it.  We would think up a concept and just start throwing names out there.  It was definitely a labor of love, but one we thoroughly enjoyed.  You really get to know everyone’s personality and sense of humor when you’re naming menu items.

“I Want All The Puppies” is a vanilla shake festooned with Oreo cookies and a Ho Ho. But ordering this shake helps a local cause, Nuzzles & Co., by donating a portion of the proceeds to their no-kill animal sanctuary. What was the motivation behind this partnership? At Westgate we’re always trying to figure out how to get out into the community more and how can we help make a difference locally.  Everyone on our Drafts team are huge animal lovers and a few of us have fur babies rescued from Nuzzles.  With all that Nuzzles does for the community we thought what better way to give back than to bring awareness to their amazing work on our menu?  So many guests come through our doors and if we can bring even a handful of them to look into Nuzzles and raise that awareness for their mission, then we’ve done our job.  For every “I Want All the Puppies” sold, $1 goes directly to the Nuzzles & Co. foundation.  Being the Oreo milkshake, vanilla shake with spots of black Oreo cookie, we thought 101 Dalmatians, hence the quote from Cruella DeVil being the name of the shake….there goes that fun think tank that we talked about earlier. 

I can say for sure, Dakota thought “All The Puppies” was a big hit!

To get your own colossal shake, head on over to Drafts Burger Bar at Westgate Resort

3000 Canyons Resort Dr, Park City, UT 84098

Thursday-Monday, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

Closed Tuesday and Wednesday

Photos by Angela Howard

No, Dakota didn’t eat the shake. Just a little bit of whipped cream for the photos.



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