Drink to Your Health: Organic Kombucha at Townshend’s Tea


Kombucha. It’s a strange word, and maybe an even stranger drink. It’s fizzy, contains “living” bacteria and comes from fermented tea. But don’t knock it till you try it — kombucha not only tastes delicious, but also delivers tons of health benefits. Brew Dr. Kombucha from Townshend’s Tea & Coffee House, located in Newpark, is some of the best you can find in Park City.

Townshend’s Brew Dr. Kombucha is 100 percent raw, organic kombucha made from high-quality tea and botanicals. Townshend’s serves it on tap and also in single servings. So if you love it, you can fill up a whole growler to bring home!

Keep reading to learn more about why we love Brew Dr. Kombucha from Townshend’s Tea (and why we think you will too).

The Story Behind the Brew Dr. Brand

Brew Dr. KombuchaMatt Thomas started Townshend’s Tea Company in Portland in 2006. (It’s now a franchise). A couple years later, the Townshend’s team started experimenting with making kombucha in the kitchen of the teahouse using high-quality, loose-leaf teas. By 2009, the kombucha had gotten so popular that they moved the production to a 60,000-square-foot facility, and coined the name Brew Dr. Kombucha.

As a “tea-first” company, Townshend’s brews each batch of kombucha carefully, starting with the same loose-leaf organic teas served in the coffee shops. Then, the tea is blended with botanicals to create the unique flavors (more on those later).

Townshend’s then allows the brewed tea to ferment for about two to four weeks, before it undergoes more steps to remove the alcohol created by the fermentation process. (So no, kombucha does not contain alcohol by the time it’s bottled.)

Townshend’s Distillery creates “tea spirits” from the distilled alcohol, which is a by-product of the kombucha brewing process.

Fun fact: The distillation process creates a high-proof distillate made from organic ingredients. Townshend’s reuses that alcohol to create “the world’s first tea spirits,” such as gin and flavored liqueurs, at Townshend’s Distillery. (Learn more about Townshend’s no-shortcuts approach to brewing kombucha HERE.)

The Health Benefits of Kombucha

It may sound a little creepy that kombucha contains live bacteria. But this is the good kind of bacteria, also called probiotics, and these little living micro-organisms can greatly boost your health. Probiotics help balance your gut bacteria, which can improve digestion, reduce inflammation and even aid in weight loss, according to Healthline.

Also, you’ve likely heard about the health benefits of regular tea. Since kombucha is brewed from tea leaves, it also delivers all the benefits of green tea. These advantages include boosting your metabolism, improving cholesterol levels, balancing blood sugar control and more.

While more research on humans is needed, some preliminary studies also suggest kombucha can help reduce heart disease risk, manage Type 2 diabetes and even help reduce the risk of certain cancers.

The Brew Dr. Kombucha Flavors

Brew Dr Kombucha FlavorsNow for the fun part. Brew Dr. Kombucha comes in so many different, delicious flavors, that we guarantee you’ll discover a flavor you love.

One of the classics is the Clear Mind, which one reviewer called the “gateway to kombucha” for its approachable taste. Bright and invigorating, this flavor contains a blend of brewed green tea, rosemary, peppermint, sage and dandelion root.

Other favorites of ours include the Strawberry Basil, a combo of tart and sweet notes; the Ginger Turmeric, a zesty pairing with smooth black tea; and the Mint Lemonade, a light and refreshing kombucha featuring spearmint, peppermint, lemons and green tea. Find all the fantastic flavors available HERE.


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