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Next time you are looking for a different kind of dining experience, consider making the easy drive over to Solitude Resort for a magical evening in their yurt. We were recently invited to try this unique dinner ourselves, and between the ambiance and the delectable food, it was nothing short of amazing.

You begin your journey in the quaint Solitude Village, surrounded by snow-laden mountains and charming buildings all around. The team then equips everyone with snowshoes and headlamps for the short journey ahead. For those new or beginners at snowshoeing, have no worries as it is a brief 15 minute mild hike. As you wind through the snow-covered trees, you begin to see the glow ahead of the yurt. Once you, and 20 to 30 others on a typical night, get settled in, the engaging staff will provide you with interesting history on the yurt and Solitude itself. This yurt (or ger in traditional Mongolian) is an original Mongolian portable structure, made with a round, wooden frame and a tent-like covering. This specific yurt takes the staff about two weeks to assemble, and in a traditional fashion, the structure and every dinner is powered solely by gas, with no electricity. This truly makes it a unique and authentic experience, and is amazing to watch the chefs hard at work using only a conventional gas stove and gas lanterns.

The five-course tasting menu they prepare is nothing short of magical as well. They have a constantly rotating menu, depending upon their local purveyors and their weekly availability. The tasting menu is always a la carte, so they can ensure they provide the best meal possible to guests; however, they will always do their best to accommodate allergies and special requests. On the evening of our dinner, we were delighted by a crudo of yellowtail, celery root veloute soup with crispy sage, arugula salad with pomegranate olive tapenade crostini, main rack of venison with wild mushroom and rutabaga, and polished off with a raspberry cobbler. All more delicious than the next, and perfectly paired with their wine selections.

After your bellies are full, it is another short journey back to the village. We recommend you make a getaway of it and stay in one of the Deer Valley managed lodging establishments for the evening, and wake up to enjoy a morning on the slopes. You may even want to head to the main watering hole, the Thirsty Squirrel, for the perfect end to the night before tucking yourself into your cozy room in the village. All in all, the quaint surroundings of Solitude and The Yurt will transport you to a quiet European mountain town and an experience you won’t soon forget.  Check here for the most current winter hours and information on booking.


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