Indigo Highway: shopping ‘around the world’ in PC


indigo highway business cardIf you haven’t been to Indigo Highway….GO! This little eclectic boutique in Newpark Town Center (Kimball Junction) delivers you a roundtrip ticket around the world just by going through the front door.

The scent of candles of every variety — large and small — fill your nose. Jewelry with turquoise and other energetic stones catch your eyes. Bags handmade in countries around the world with identifying tags of exactly who made these items make you smile and appreciate each stitch. Then you start touching the fabrics of the clothes hanging on the racks and picture yourself cuddled up in front of the fire, or running out to catch a yoga class. Head to the back of the store, and you guessed it: recipe books, cocktail kits, foodie gift boxes and so much more for the foodie enthusiast.

Indigo Highway cookbook section

The owners, Jennifer and Dean Tutor, have been coming to Park City for 16 years, originally from Memphis. They moved here from Los Angeles where Jen went to school at FIDM then did what you do in LA–work in the production industry, Jen as a Stylist/Art Director (no surprise there) and Dean as a Photographer/ Producer. After many productions in Utah, they decided to leave the traffic behind and make Park City their home. Upon their entrance, they decided to immerse themselves in the retail world. They initially opened a store/spa, sold it, became consultants to large and small brands, then (thankfully) decided it was time, once again, to open shop — a little over 2 months ago — and are calling it Indigo Highway. (*website coming soon)

Head into their little piece of heaven, “sign the wall”, and grab yourself a cookbook, candle and obviously something comfortable to wear, and start bringing the aromas of the world right to your home.

**Be on the lookout for different parties they throw: From mixology classes, to showcasing chocolate from different local distributors, to, of course, whiskey tastings.


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