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The term comrade is used to mean friend, mate, colleague or ally. This directly correlates to the Komrades namesake and motto, Food For The People, with craft-made street eats featuring world flavors and international influences that are fresh, fast and affordable. When Owner Alexander Schenck decided to start his food truck Komrades, his main purpose was not only to create delicious cuisine, but equally nourish his relationships with his customers.  On top of that he also believes in keeping his employees happy with higher wages for his employees, as well as being as involved in charities as possible.

Komrades Park City

The cuisine of Komrades is pulled from several street food influences from around the globe. The truck has combined some of the best aspects of favorites like Doner Kebab and gyros and made their own Hoodoo Sandwiches. Named after the column or pinnacle of weathered rock you find all over Southern Utah, that mirrors the shape of the spit of roasting meat that are at the heart of the sandwiches. Komrades uses only the finest ingredients, and that is very evident in the flavors of their food. Including top round cut beef from 44 Meats and tender chicken from Mary’s Organic. On top of that they nestle all of the ingredients in freshly made naan bread.  (Naan is a leavened, oven-baked flatbread found in the cuisines of Central and South Asia.)Komrades Park City

Schenck decided to debut his truck last June during the Bonanza music festival in Heber. Since then, he frequents many events in Salt Lake City, and tries to do as many in Park City as permitting will allow. He and his wife live in Jeremy Ranch area, and dream of doing much more with the Park City community. Currently they are at the Park City Brewery every Tuesday, and they hope to be at the Park Silly Sunday Market and the Canyons Farmers Market weekly this Park City Brewery every Tuesday evening
Park Silly Sunday Markets, Canyons Farmers Market this Summer.

We are thrilled that Komrades has joined our community, and can’t wait to see even more of them.  For now be sure to head to Park City Brewery on Fridays for cold brews and a tasty Hoodoo sandwich!

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