Mountain Town Olive Oil Spice Blends Make Cooking a Snap


Herbs and spices are the unsung heroes in the kitchen. With just a pinch or two, the right blend of spices can turn otherwise bland foods into dishes to be savored and celebrated. Fortunately, thanks to Mountain Town Olive Oil spice blends, finding the perfect mix of spices and herbs is easier than ever.

You probably already know about the Main Street shop due to their amazing olive oils and flavored vinegar, but they also sell a selection of preservative-free, incredibly flavorful spice mixes blended in-house.

There are multiple benefits of going au naturale with your spice mixes. “Most grocery store spice blends are older and are full of preservatives and chemicals,” owner Jessica McCleary explained to me when I stopped by recently. McCleary sources her spices from a specialty spice merchant, ensuring they’re of the highest quality without preservatives.

Plus, when you purchase a pre-made blend from Mountain Town Olive Oil, you’ll save money. Buying your own spices to make a blend could cost nearly $50 at the grocery store, but here, you can buy a complete blend, such as Northwest Salmon Rub, Spicy Caribbean Chicken Rub or Taco Taco Spice Blend, starting at just $4.95. (They’re all available in store or online!)

Although it’s nearly impossible to choose a favorite, here are a few of the most popular spice blends, plus recipe recommendations.

If you’re not sure how to season your more exotic dishes, Mountain Town Olive Oil spice blends have you covered. Try the Paella Blend on shrimp or chicken and just add rice or cous cous for that rich flavor.

The Chinese 5 Spice Blend is perfect for meat marinades, or dry rubs for pork, duck and beef. Toss it in with mixed veggies or even baked goods for a hint of warm flavor. To add heat and flavor to soba noodles, udon, beef tataki or jasmine rice, the Japanese 7 Spice Blend will be your new go-to.

Mountain town olive oil spice blendGo South of the Border with the Taco Taco Spice Blend, which contains chili powder, oregano, garlic, paprika, cumin and salt. Use as a rub on meats, sprinkle on ground turkey, add to taco salad or spice up your veggies.

Not a fan of the typical curry seasoning you find at the grocery store? These varieties make it easy to create the perfect flavor and level of heat.

Another fun spice blend is the “chocolate dukkah,” containing toasted sesame seeds, toasted hazelnuts, toasted almonds, kosher salt, brown sugar, chocolate and granulated cocoa powder. Add a spoonful to your morning yogurt or on top of oatmeal, or bake into muffins or bread, for a delicious punch of flavor.

Mountain Town Olive Oil Salt BarMountain Town Olive Oil also has an incredible selection of finishing salts, perfect for a range of uses like seasoning meat and fish, topping pasta or rice, and using to decorate drink rims and cocktails.


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