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What’s not to love about a hot pot? I’m not gonna lie, I love it when I am craving a healthy meal. Or when I am hungover. Or even on a hot summer evening.

Now, Kuchu Shabu has elevated the hot pot – more commonly known as shabu shabu – scene in Park City. We’re talking fresh, healthy Japanese food in a modern atmosphere.

At this newly renovated spot (with new ownership to boot) diners can cook their own meal with traditional shabu shabu (meaning “swish swish” in Japanese), or choose from the delicious selection of ramen, poke bowls or pho. Here is what we are currently loving.
Kuchu Spring Rolls

Spring rolls

The definition of fresh, these veggie loaded rolls are served with peanut sauce. Sure, these are a staple, but pay attention to the preparation. The heirloom carrots are shredded on a Microplane grater, making for a much nicer texture and a more subtle bite than those spring rolls that have big bits of carrot inside. It’s made even better by the serving of house-made sauce. The gang at Kuchu Shabu aims to do as much as they can from scratch, including the ponzu.Kuchu Pho

Kuchu Ramen

Tonkatsu Ramen

The two owners lived in Japan and Hong Kong. The manager spent time traveling to California to study noodle shops. The result? Some of the best tonkatsu ramen you’ll find in Utah. They tested and retested their charsu pork until the recipe was perfected. Their broth cooks for hours and is flavored with ginger and Asian spice. It literally melts in your mouth. All ramen bowls are served with green onion, shredded carrot, microgreens and a soft-boiled egg. In case you were wondering, they don’t make their ramen noodles; they leave that to the experts at Sun Noodle Company.
So is this the old shabu place you remember? We like to think it’s an upgraded version. Kuchu Shabu sports a modern design, upbeat atmosphere and mountain action sports on all four wall-mounted TV’s. Here you’ll find an energetic and fun experience. It’s open every day at 11:30 a.m. and serving until 9 p.m. (10 p.m. on the weekends). Leave a comment below, and let us know what you think.

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