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Dented Brick Distillery is excited to announce their Whiskey Barrel Program that welcomes each of you to participate in the production of their new, premium aged Hugh Moon Whiskey. Crafted by head distiller Mike McSorely, this 100% rye whiskey is a mystic concoction ready to be aged in American oak barrels. As Father Time mellows the brew, the libation that pours out will be smoother than Sinatra and twice as potent. Come “shoot the moon” and adopt a barrel!

Hugh Moon, Utah’s First Distiller of Record

It’s been nearly two hundred years since Hugh Moon pondered making “strong drink” (whiskey) for his fellow Mormon settlers, stirred by a passage from The Covenants…

“Wherefore a commandment I give unto you that you will not purchase wine neither strong drink from your enemies, you shall only partake in that which is made among you.”

With Brigham Young’s blessing, Hugh built his distillery on land with an abundance of grain and pristine water from an artesian well. There, he made a distillate of such high regard he would sell all that he could make to the “good satisfaction” of all who drank it.

Hugh Moon’s White Whiskey is a rare find these days not only because it’s as clear as the water from Dented Brick’s very own artesian well, but it’s the only white whiskey known to use the same recipe nearly 170 years after Hugh Moon first made it.

What You Get

You’ll spend a day with Mike barreling your whiskey and committing your nameplate to the barrel head. While your whiskey ages you are welcome to visit it, taste it and sing to it. When its ready to be bottled, you have the option of buying a few cases or the entire batch. Not to mention, you have the chance to be the very first to join the DBD Barrel Program and join in the tradition of American whiskey.

  • First purchase rights to your barrel
  • Private tour for 20
  • DBD camping flask
  • DBD trucker hat
  • DBD Hugh Moon Whiskey launch party invite
  • Your personalized barrel

Sound like fun? Then head on down to Dented Brick Distillery and join their Hugh Moon Barrel Program. If you are interested in “trying before you buy”, check out Sammy’s Bistro in Park City and enjoy an artfully crafted cocktail featuring Hugh Moon White Whiskey. Either way, you will be over the moon for this amazing drink!

Dented Brick Distillery

3100 S Washington St,
South Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
+1 801-883-9837

Monday–Friday: 10 a.m.-6 p.m.



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