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What do you do with a 15-year friendship, renovated gallery space and a thriving catering business? Start a gallery-hosted supper club, of course. Gallery Mar owner Maren Mullin, along with Savoury Kitchen chef and owner Joseph Saladyga, are the latest curators of the soon-to-be Park City Supper Club, a new style of dining to hit Main Street this fall.

Who, when, where

Gallery Mar’s new Swede Alley Entrance, previously home to Mega Genius, has recently transformed into The Art Lounge: more than 1800 square feet of gallery and event space that will host both Park City Supper Club’s dinners and cocktail parties. Roughly 50 guests will be in attendance, most of whom will be Gallery Mar and Savoury Kitchen’s current roster of clients and their future invitees, “It will be a yearly membership of 1-2 dinners per month in an intimate setting,” says Saladyga “in conjunction with new art exhibits and special occasions.”

Gallery Mar

The why

The space itself has been completely renovated and mirrors the fresh modern look of Gallery Mar’s Main Street Location. Mullin is inspired by the idea of using the new space to not only display artist work, but to offer an evening of indulgence, both visually and tastefully, pairing Savoury Kitchen dinners with artist talks and demonstrations. “What I love about this is we’re surrounded by their art,” says Mullin, of the future featured artists who will be on display for each meal. Artists like Park City local, Bridgette Meinhold, who’s exhibition in Gallery Mar begins November 29.                 

“We bring in food and raise the senses in a way, both visual, smell and feel. I think that all-in-one package together makes it what it is, I think it’s something missing from Park City,” says Saladyga.

And, to say this idea was homegrown, is an understatement, “This will give us more of a chance to showcase our talents,” says Saladyga, “We’ll use more local foods like Beltex Meats and Copper Moose Farms. I’m hoping it will give us more creative freedom and we can pair [the meals]to where the artist is from.”

The history

Saladyga says the idea of a traditional supper club has always been a dream, “When I opened my business in 2009, I wanted to do something like this but never really had a space. We’re a scratch kitchen, we don’t open boxes of anything. With that being said, it takes a lot more time, a lot more love.”savoury kitchen

The future

While the finishing touches are still being put on the events themselves, both Mullin and Saladyga plan to kick things off in the next few weeks, “I’d love to do the first one at the end of November,” says Mullin, who’s already begun hosting events in the space.

“When I think of supper I think of family dinners on Sunday,” says Saladyga, “Intimate setting, good conversation, friends. That in itself is a wonderful experience.”gallery mar


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