Pumpkin Seasonal Ale? Yes please, I’ll have another.


happy thanksgiving bannerWasatch Brewery knows how to do their thing, and they brew it oh so well. Evidence of this is in their Pumpkin Ale, which is an annual beer, specially brewed for the holiday season. DRAFT  Magazine ranked a variety of pumpkin beers (during a blind tasting) that were separated into five categories by flavor and process, and you guessed it, Wasatch Pumpkin Ale landed in the No. 1 spot of amber pumpkin ales.

So what makes this beer so good? DRAFT describes the aroma as a melding of sweet potatoes with soft and pleasant cinnamon sugar; with its flavor transitions of up front spices, clove and cinnamon, which fade into caramelized squash and baked bread; finishing the sip on the sweet side, melding smooth vanilla and coffee with hazelnut creamer and nutty cocoa nibs. (After tasting this myself, I couldn’t have described it any better.)

wasatch pumpkin ale pint

I encourage each of you to take a trip to Wasatch Brewery and have a pint of this for yourself. You probably need to do it sooner than later though, because there is limited supply left (yes, only bottles of this fine ale are still available). Definitely worth the trip because pumpkin never tasted so good…okay, maybe just your mom’s pumpkin pie.

And from all of us at Dishing, Happy Thanksgiving! Eat, drink and be merry!




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