Rise and Dine for the Most Important Meal of the Day


Rise, dine, then shine. Fuel up for a day of play with one of the many amazing breakfast stops in Park City. Whether it’s an early morning run for house-baked pastries at Riverhorse Provisions or an all-day breakfast feast at The Bridge Cafe and Grill, you will find something to satisfy your taste buds at the most important meal of the day. Check out a comprehensive list of favorites HERE.

Riverhorse Provisions

The newest darling of Main Street is not-to-be-missed. Don’t overlook this as just a gourmet market for take-out (which we also highly recommend). Sit down before you grab a to-go lunch and relax over the best biscuits and gravy you have ever tasted. Or, better yet, bring along some friends so you can order a few items and share. The polenta French toast sticks, served with a banana mousse and Nutella cream, are rolled in cinnamon and unbelievable. Even better is that you can enjoy them all on the deck overlooking town.



Deer Valley Grocery and Café

Deer Valley is known for making almost everything they serve in-house, and Deer Valley Grocery Café is no exception. Whether it’s the coconut yoghurt with berries, local honey and granola or the hot sauce you add to your egg dish, you can rest assured that it is freshly prepared by the chefs in back. Relax by the pond while you eat the most interesting avocado toast in town. Served on a house-made wild rice harvest bread, the toast is first topped with beet hummus. Avocado, goat cheese, micro greens and black Hawaiian sea salt complete the meal to send you off full of energy for your day.


The Bridge Café & Grill

For the past eight years, the Bridge Café has been serving breakfast all day. From the time they open their doors until they close, you can order any breakfast item on the menu, and they will serve it with their Brazilian flair. The most popular dish, and what really put The Bridge Café on the map so to speak, is the Brazuca Omelet. Made fresh to order, your five-egg omelet can house up to five ingredients for the standard price, but with 18 different ingredients to choose from, such as bacon, peppers, and onions, the possibilities really are endless. Try a favorite spicy combination of jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, black beans, sausage and collard greens.


Squatters Roadhouse Grill

You might not think a pub would be the place to get a great breakfast, but you would be incorrect in the case of the huevos rancheros offered at Squatters. This breakfast dish is packed with flavor and is one of the most popular dishes on the menu. Crisp corn tortillas are topped with black beans, pork chile Colorado, Monterey Jack cheese and then two eggs, any style. The pork used to make the chili Colorado comes from the Niman Ranch, a family farm that uses that “never-ever” philosophy. Niman hogs are never given hormones or antibiotics and are fed a diet that is 100 percent vegetarian. Another popular option is the chilaquiles. A traditional Mexican dish, also loaded with flavor that is commonly known for its hangover cure. Corn tortillas are cut into squares and lightly fried, topped with a green or red salsa or mole and then garnished with crema, shredded queso fresco, raw onion rings and avocado slices.



Not only is Five5eeds serious about serving quality and interesting food, they take their commitment to coffee to new levels. Using an extremely high quality modular brewing system, serving the Australian favorite, Coffee Mio, people are flocking here for the brew but staying for the beautiful food. Look for seasonal items and dishes that highlight a fresher, lighter approach. Breakfast can be ordered all day, even though lunch brings in more options, too, like a burger if you want something a little more filling. If grain salads for breakfast aren’t your thing, opt for the eggs Benedict, which comes with a citrus and coffee braised pork belly.


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