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Come to a chocolate and wine tasting you say? Um, yes please. Didn’t waste much time headed to an event where local Park City companies Ritual Chocolate and Old Town Cellars paired some of their staple products. Also fun in that childhood buddies and business co-founders Jason Morgan and Robbie Stout shared an event to support each other and see their products come together. I bet you didn’t think that would happen when you were in 5th-grade, riding bikes around Park Meadows eh boys?! Amazing.

Mountain Town Red + Mid Mountain Blend Chocolate

Old Town Cellars Mountain Town Red is their take on a classic table wine great to pair with a wide variety of cuisine. Great match with Ritual Chocolate Mid Mountain as they both are on the sweeter side. Mountain Town Red imparts notes of plum, violet and wild berry, while Mid Mountain Blend chocolate is fruity, nutty and the sweetest blend of the Ritual Chocolate collection.

Townie Rose + Belize Chocolate

Belize Chocolate is made with organic cacao that is grown by a network of Mayan farmers in the Toledo district of Belize. This chocolate has a balance of fruity, earthy and nutty flavors as a result of the complex genetic makeup of the growing region. It paired well with OTC’s Townie Rose as its crisp, has a bright finish and both have high acidity.

Mountain Town White + Madagascar Chocolate

Mountain Town White is OTC’s flagship white wine and imparts notes of lime zest, white peach and nectarine on the nose.  Higher acid and minerality makes it a perfect pairing with Madagascar Chocolate, as the region is known for producing cacao rich with notes of citrus.

Grab all these products in their headquarters and storefronts here in Park City for a fun night of pairing with your friends or that special someone.

Ritual Chocolate

1105 Iron Horse Drive Park City, UT 84060 ||   Visit their WEBSITE for more info

Old Town Cellars

890 Main St. Park City, UT 84060 || Visit their WEBSITE for more info



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