Here’s How to Step Up Your Sushi Game


Recently, we learned from the pros at Yuki Yama that “sushi” is actually a catch-all term for any food that comes with rice — whether it’s nigiri or sashimi, it’s all technically sushi. But fish and rice aren’t even close to all that sushi restaurants have to offer.

From tasty appetizers to tempura and even ramen, sushi spots have tons of options that even the most adventurous eaters I know haven’t tried. (P.S. Here’s your guide to decoding the most common terms on sushi menus!) And to be honest, getting the same rolls every time I order sushi is, well….sort of boring.

We headed to Yuki Yama Sushi on Main Street to learn how we could take our sushi game to the next level. Based on what we already enjoyed, chef Cedric Woodward and owner Matt Baydala recommended dishes that were a little outside our comfort zone, but still insanely delicious.

Our challenge to you? Try one of these unique dishes next time you’re stepping out to sushi. Don’t worry that you haven’t ordered them before — chances are you’ll find at least one or two that deserves a regular spot on your sushi night rotation.


yuki yama

If you like edamame, try yama-mame (Yuki’s salty-sweet take on the classic appetizer features boiled soy bean pods sautéed in sesame oil, garlic, togarashi and cherry preserves).

If you like the pork gyoza (dumplings), try the wild mushroom gyoza.

If you like the crispy tuna tartare, try the shima aji and avocado.

Yuki Yama Sushi

If you like the Korean Tako (charred octopus), try the hotate and pom (scallops).

If you like the house salad, try the seaweed salad (made with real seaweed — not the neon green kind — with a special house dressing.)


If you like kappa rolls (cucumber and sesame seeds), try the O-Ren Ishii (a veggie-filled roll).

If you like shrimp tempura rolls, try the Executive (tempura shrimp, avocado, cilantro, topped with tuna, lime, sweet soy and habanero sauces) — or the 84060 (tempura shrimp, snow crab, mango, spring greens, rolled in soy paper, sweet soy sauce). 

Yuki Yama SushiIf you like California rolls, try the Hatori Hanzo (California roll topped with salmon, lemon and yuzu vinaigrette).

If you like Sake (salmon) rolls, try the Ryu roll (salmon, basil, mango, cucumber, spicy red pepper miso sauce). 

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