Tupelo Is Now Open!


If the anticipation has been itching at you since you heard that beautiful brick building on Main Street was becoming a new restaurant, well wait no more. Tupelo, named after the briefly blooming honey producing tree, is now open. After digging a little deeper into their vision, food and team, being excited to try it is an understatement.

Tupelo Park City

Chef Matt Harris

Who is the chef? Former chef at J&G Grill as well as St. Regis Bar, Matt Harris will be running the kitchen. His food is known for telling stories from his culinary experiences throughout his life. Emphasis and mastery in the principles of farm-to-table cuisine is strong with notes of global influences. Chef Matt has appeared on CBS’ Fresh From the Kitchen as a celebrity guest chef, and in Food and Wine, SKI, Esquire, and more.

The food? “At tupelo, we’re celebrating globally inspired food, artisanally sourced and stunningly prepared. Our dishes pair full-bodied, flavorful ingredients in unexpected ways. Each is a testament to prized local fare and the small-batch producers who grow, distill, or raise it. We reach far and wide to compile carefully cultivated and startlingly luscious foods on your plate. And we enjoy the hell out of doing it—chargrilled Chilean octopus,Thai pickled tomato Nam Prik, in dishes that are decidedly American, tupelo Tupelo Park Citycelebrates what we love most about food: its ability to tell a perpetual story.” – tupeloparkcity.com.

Right now, they have softly opened their upstairs bar and lounge with a small, but dynamite preview menu of food, cocktails and wine. Go and say hello, check out the progress on their redesign and try some of these plump garlicky Maine mussels (pictured to the right.) Click here for a preview of the menu they will be serving for the next few weeks including house-made ricotta, Bear Lake lamb meatballs, deviled eggs, grilled Wagyu burger and more!

They’re open every evening at 5 p.m., and they will be expanding our hours and menu over the next few weeks.


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