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Here’s an honest fact about me; I don’t like to cook. I know, you would think to get this job I would need to be an aspiring home chef and really love everything about food, and I do. But I don’t like to cook. I’m always on the lookout for the easy way out when it comes to preparing meals. That’s how I came across Deer Valley‘s prepared foods.

You can find them all over Park City, from the Deer Valley Signature Stores, to the Grocery Cafe and even The Market grocery store. Not only are they Deer Valley’s quality meals and mixes, but they are so easy to make even I can do it. An added bonus is that you can grab a couple of items, put them in a nice bag and give them as a great hostess gift. Or, Deer Valley Grocery Cafe will whip up a gorgeous basket for you in the blink of an eye.

Take their famous Deer Valley Southwestern Turkey Chili for example. This hot bowl of  heaven can be found at most of the Deer Valley mountain restaurants and is a serious pick-me-up on a cold day on the slopes. But what’s even better is the packaged version. It’s all there for you (sans turkey and a few other additional items you might want to add) packed up in a handy bag with clear instructions on how to make at home. Added bonus, it’s naturally gluten-free.

In issue 6 of Dishing, we featured A Lesson In High Altitude Baking with Deer Valley’s Executive Pastry Chef Stephen Harty where he demystifies the science behind baking. You can read the article HERE.

Don’t want to gather up all the ingredients and hunker down for a day of baking? No problem! Just grab one of the Deer Valley cookie mixes, add butter and an egg and voila! You, too, can be a high-altitude baker. You can even take it one step lazier and head over to Deer Valley Grocery Cafe where they have pre-made dough all portioned out into little cookies you just have to take and bake. Want Deer Valley Cookies 101? Just grab some already made, hot out of the oven cookies at one of their dining restaurants. Yeah, it can be that easy.

Deer Valley has thoughtfully curated some of their most popular dishes for you to take home and enjoy as well as preparing packaged foods you can pick up and warm up for a quick fix. Click HERE for a list of all Deer Valley dining options.


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