About Us

Join us as we explore Park City’s culinary scene. We’ll tell you where you should eat, what you should order and what’s new. Let’s dish.

Dishing is a biannual print magazine focusing on the culinary scene in and around Park City, offering residents and visitors entertaining information about restaurants, food trends and chefs in the region. The first Dishing magazine was published in Jackson Hole in 2011 and has quickly grown into THE source for food information and restaurant options. It’s a unique combination of food magazine and dining guide, which makes it a resource for locals, visitors and the hospitality industry.

Everyone eats out, so our audience is also that broad. Dishing is designed to reach a wide-ranging reader, from the well-traveled and well-fed foodie to a kitchen novice who eats out for convenience. The readership is comprised of a mix of locals and tourists of all ages and income brackets. Locals and tourists use it to keep current about what is going on in the restaurant scene. Tourists come to Park City for experiences and they use Dishing as their guide to the plan the most memorable culinary expediences. Concierge services use Dishing to direct others to the best spots to eat around town. Our easy, approachable content and mouthwatering photographs invite readers to savor the publication for months. It’s designed to stay on the coffee table for six months until the next comes out.