Five Reasons to Eat and Drink the Aussie Way at Five5eeds


Park City is just about as different from Melbourne, Australia, as you can get. Ours is a small ski town nestled in the mountains; the latter is a large metropolis on the southeastern coast of Australia. But thanks to Five5eeds, you don’t have to fly halfway around the world to experience genuine Aussie café culture. 

At Five5eeds, owned by a husband-and-wife team hailing from down under, guests get the taste — and feel — of an Australian breakfast — also known as “brekkie.” In Australia, cafés serve breakfast and lunch all day, with a focus on coffee and community, and are a mainstay of foodie culture. After Andrew and Tiffany Percy relocated to Utah three years ago with their five children (after whom Five5eeds was named), they dearly missed their “brekkie” spots, so they decided to open up their own.  

When you walk into the restaurant, the clean, minimalist aesthetic with plenty of natural light will make you feel like you’ve just strolled up from a morning surfing sesh (although it’s more likely that you’re coming off the slopes!). And while they take their food — and their coffee — very seriously, Five5eeds is still full of fun vibes. Here are five reasons why we love Five5eeds.

1. They’re coffee purists — and it shows.


When we stopped by to learn more about their “purist” approach to coffee, we learned that Five5eeds ships their coffee beans in from Australia. “We get our beans from Coffee Mio, a premium coffee supplier based in Melbourne that sources only the finest beans from Brazil, Kenya, Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica and the Ivory Coast,” Gabriel, the manager, told us. He then brought out the 2-inch thick barista training manual with specific directions for each coffee drink. “We want to stay true to the Italian way of brewing coffee, and consistency is key,” he explained.

The coffee menu is fairly straightforward — a mix of espresso drinks from the classic cappuccino to the Aussie-inspired Flat White — without any fancy syrups or flavors to distract from the taste of their coffee. But there are a few unique drinks, including a beet latte, an alluring pink drink made with beet powder and ginger root powder. Another favorite is the nitro cold brew, which has plenty of kick without the bitterness.

2. Their menu is filled with delicious, simple, yet creative dishes, all made with the freshest possible ingredients.

Five5eeds Vegetarian Benedict

The vegetarian Benedict: toast topped with avocado, Mediterranean tomatoes, olives, artichoke hearts, a poached egg, rich apple cider hollandaise and a side of apples. (Photo: Locke Hughes)

The menu showcases local, fresh ingredients cooked in a way that mimics the way the Percys have always eaten at home. But the menu has way more than your typical Aussie-inspired avocado toast and acai bowls — although both of those are on the menu, and both are delicious.

The chef, Emma Leigh Hunsaker, has visited Melbourne and L.A., so the menu is influenced by those beachy cultures, but the menu is also inspired by other global cuisines. For example, the breakfast panna cotta and Mediterranean-inspired vegetarian Benedict (toast topped with avocado, olives, artichokes, roasted tomatoes, poached egg, rich apple cider hollandaise and apples) were both influenced by Italian dishes. 

The menu also currently features a burger, poke bowl and hotcakes — further defying any neat categorization, but expanding the delicious options to please any palate.  (Note: They’ll change some of the menu for the winter/spring season, so head in for your favorite summer dishes before they’re gone!)

3. It’s healthy, but not too healthy.


“We’re health-conscious — meaning we utilize high-quality, fresh ingredients — but it’s not crazy healthy,” Gabriel says. In other words, if you’re looking for a super-sized mountain of scrambled eggs, sausage and potatoes, head elsewhere. But if you’re into a thick slice of sourdough bread, topped with smashed avocado, poached egg and bacon, or a savory waffle and chook (Aussie slang for chicken), this is the place for you. 

They also have lighter options, including a super food grain salad (made with wild rice, quinoa, farro, fresh cilantro, barbecue charred corn, jalapeno, chai soaked goji berries and golden raisins, arugula, toasted almonds, red radish, citrus vinaigrette and crumbled feta) and a chia pudding.

4. It’s crazy-popular — among locals, visitors and celebrities alike.

Five5eeds Panna Cotta

The breakfast panna cotta is accompanied by granola, fresh fruit and edible flowers. (Photo: Locke Hughes)

Since Five5eeds is a bit off the beaten path of Main Street (and they haven’t done much traditional marketing), it’s not always an obvious choice to out-of-town visitors. But obviously, word has gotten out — so much so that there’s typically a wait for a table at peak times. Plus, a number of local celebs have discovered the spot, including The Killers’ front man Brandon Flowers, while other visiting A-listers, like Ethan Hawke and Mario Batali, have been in and raved about the food, Gabriel told us. 

5. They’re expanding!

Five5eeds Entry

The vibe in the Five5eeds entryway is clean and minimal, but warm and welcoming at the same time.

Last week, Five5eeds officially purchased the storefront next door, where they’ll open an expanded dining space in December. This will open up about 30 to 40 more seats, helping offset the loss of the 24 outdoor seats in the winter months. They’re also planning on using the additional space for community events, private parties and occasional dinner events, Gabriel says. And for folks in Salt Lake City who can’t make the drive as often as you’d like, there’s good news for you too: they’re planning to open a SLC location this winter as well.

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Locke Hughes is a freelance journalist currently based in Park City, who used to live in NYC until the mountains called. She believes long hikes and hot yoga — as well as wine and delicious food — play an important role in a happy life. Follow her outdoors and eating adventures on Instagram @lockehughes.

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