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Summer is fast approaching and while the sun stays out longer, no one wants to be in the kitchen all day while they could be enjoying the outdoors. BBQs and outdoor entertaining are summer staples and Element Kitchen, located in Park City, makes your dinners quick, easy and healthy. They have organic, fresh, healthy and gluten-free prepared foods to make all your meals easy and tasty. In addition to having salads, sous vide meat, lasagnas and more, Chef Sebastian Silbereis also creates delicious sauces to spice up any meal.

Three of our favorite sauces include their pepita pesto, butternut baba ganoush and celeriac soubise. Grabbing one of these sauces (or all three) makes dinner convenient and a breeze.

The pepita pesto is a vegan pesto that pairs well with meats and veggies. Silbereis suggests pairing it with grilled chicken and squash. Finish it off with some fresh-squeezed lemon and sea salt for an added punch. For an appetizer, you can pair it with halloumi, a semi-hard cheese, that is perfect for grilling. If you have some white beans in the pantry, you can also mix this in with them and some caramelized fennel for an easy side.

Traditionally made with eggplant, Silbereis makes his vegan baba ganoush with roasted butternut squash to make a twist on the classic. He suggests to pair it with falafel, grilled rib eye or their sous vide elk from Utah, rubbed with pepper and garlic.

For the celeriac soubise, made with celeriac, onion, thyme and butter, you can combine this with any roasted, grilled or pan-fried fish to wow your guests. It tastes great with salmon and sweet potatoes, or mixed into mashed potatoes instead of butter.

All these sauces play well together so you can get as creative as you want. Plus, the grill makes for easier cleanup.



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