Pre-Ski Season At Sundance Resort


Its officially, OFFICIALLY mud season now and with no snow on the horizon, we’re all perhaps getting a little restless. And maybe even slightly confused on which activity to partake in.  We’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the fruits our little town has to offer through the summer and fall months, so why not explore other activities of our neighboring towns. Where to go? Why, Sundance Resort of course! 

Their ski resort doesn’t open until December 6, but there is plenty to do for a trip up for the day or a meal. Participate in all they have to offer or just a few, but I guarantee you’ll enjoy the remote location, stunning scenery and friendly faces of the resort. 


There are four options up at Sundance to choose from: Foundry Grill, The Treeroom, The Cafe and Owl Bar. The Cafe and Foundry Grill are open for your breakfast and lunch needs. The Treeroom, Owl Bar and Foundry Grill are open for dinner. We recently visited the Foundry Grill to be seated at a cozy table with our own fire. We tried some of their delicious new fall menus (pictured below). It is the perfect setting for a special occasion or romantic date night. They had us at cornbread waffle!

Fried chicken: jalapeno creamed corn, cornbread waffle, hot pickles

Colorado striped bass: shrimp-fried orzo, saffron celery root puree, compressed apple, blood orange, walnut


Massages, pedicures, manicures, facials, body work and even treatments for kids. They have it all. And it certainly looks heavenly. How about a sage and sweet grass massage, which includes dry brushing, smudging, mud application to increase circulation, followed by a full body wrap and ending with a scalp massage? Yes, please.

Art Studio

Sundance provides daily art workshops, including: wheel-thrown pottery, jewelry making, oil painting, drawing and more. Classes are available daily at 10 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. by appointment only (made 24 hours in advance). 

What would be our perfect pre-ski season day at Sundance? Arrive at the resort for a 10 a.m. pottery class. Then, off to lunch at Foundry Grill, where we would definitely order the famous Sundance Brussels sprouts dish. Followed by a massage and facial at the spa. Full and relaxed from lunch and pampering, head back to your room for a nap or to relax. Wake up with a nice crisp walk around the resort with stunning views. Back to the room to get ready for dinner at The Treeroom, followed by live music and drinks at Owl bar. Sign us up!!!

Interested in partaking if any of this fun? Call Sundance resort for more information at 801.225.4107. 


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