Park City’s Best Gluten Free Dishes


Satisfy your cravings in a gluten-free way without sacrificing taste.

Gluten has been a buzz word for some time now in the food and health industries. The debate, whether it’s good or bad, or if excluding it from diets is necessary or voluntary, has no signs of waning. Gluten-free dining has more options than ever before. Whatever your ailment or health reasons, restaurants have taken notice and action. Restaurants are offering gluten-free menus or are assigning a ‘GF’ symbol with dishes. Personally, my issues with gluten manifest themselves topically, my roommate has Celiac’s, and my boyfriend omits gluten due to Lyme Disease.

When I first realized my gluten intolerance, I ignored it. Breads, croissants, pastries and pastas were my (regular) indulgence. When I couldn’t ignore my symptoms any longer I began to address them by avoiding certain foods until realizing that my beloved gluten was the culprit. Quickly, however, I came to the conclusion that there is so much awareness of dietary restrictions in the food realm that now is the best possible time to both deal with dietary issues and be a food enthusiast. Below, I’ve listed my go-to options to satisfy carb cravings with gluten-free dining in Park City.

Versante Hearth + Bar

Head to Versante when you are craving a great pizza. I always base my judgement of gluten-free foods on whether or not I would be able to tell if it was a gluten-free product in a blind taste test. Versante’s gluten-less pizza crust would pass this test; their crust is far from the cracker-esque texture that seems standard in gluten free crusts. If you’re not in the pizza mood, enjoy the burger with a gluten-free bun and their chicken piccata (gluten-free upon request) entrée is another delicious option.

Versante Hearth + Bar is located in the Peaks Hotel, 2346 Park Ave in Park City. Hours of operation: Breakfast: 7am-11am, Dinner: 4pm-10pm, Late-Night: 10pm-midnight.

Buona Vita

Tackle your pasta craving with any of Buona Vita’s classic Italian dishes. Top their gluten-free rice pasta with virtually any of their authentic sauces. My personal favorites are the Bolognese Firenze and the indulgent, rich carbonara. There are plenty of salads, appetizers, and protein-based entrees that are gluten-free friendly.

You can find Buona Vita in Historic Old Town at the bottom of Main Street at 804 Main. Hours of operation: Monday-Saturday: 5pm-10pm, Sundays: 5pm-9pm.

Food Network

Sammy’s Bistro

Sammy’s is a Park City staple that has everything from nachos to seafood cioppino and meatball subs. I always go back to Sammy’s for their savory chicken bowl, southwest chicken salad, or the pulled pork nachos, essentially anything with their house made pulled chicken or pork. The menu is full of gluten-free entrees including my favorites listed above and others like the Mahi Mahi tacos or steak frites.

Sammy’s Bistro is off the beaten path of Main. You can dine with them at 1890 Bonanza Drive. Hours of operation: 11am-9pm, 7 days a week.

Honorable mentions: Bangkok Thai to spice up your life. Butcher’s Chop House for a great cut of steak. The Spur for your favorite elevated bar foods.

Always inform your server of any food related allergies or ailments. If gluten-free options are not indicated or a special menu is not available, ask your server for recommendations on gluten-free items; gluten can be hiding in salad dressings, marinades, spices, or sauces.


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Meredith is a Chicago transplant and ski bum turned freelance writer. She has been in the restaurant business off an on since she was 16 and learned to cook from her parents, so she knows a good dish when she sees one (especially if it's deep dish). Park City has been home base for 4 years and counting and when she isn't working you can find her skiing, golfing, hiking, fishing, or camping.

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