Ritual Chocolate’s Four New Chocolate Bars


Some might say that chocolate alone is a food group. There’s just something about the rich flavors that bring comfort and happiness to your taste buds. When Anna Davies and Robbie Stout, co-owners of Ritual Chocolate, picked up and moved to Park City almost five years ago, they wanted better access to the outdoors. They immersed themselves in mountain living, foraging for wild ingredients, connecting with other local producers and enjoying many outdoor activities. What Davies and Stout didn’t expect, was that their chocolate would improve just as much as their quality of life. Inspired by Utah’s local alpine ingredients and mountain lifestyle, Ritual Chocolate just released a new line of four handcrafted chocolate bars honoring this special region.

The four new flavors include: honeycomb toffee, juniper and lavender chocolate, pine nut chocolate and s’mores. Each bar has its own unique feel and inspiration, highlighting Utah’s landscape and its rich ingredients.

Ritual Chocolate’s four new chocolate bars inspired by Utah’s landscape

“We wanted to create a line of bars that were unique to our location,” said Anna Davies, co-owner of Ritual Chocolate. “We have been working on these flavors for some time so we are excited to have these out in the world for people to enjoy.”

Here’s a peek at each of the chocolate bars and their unique characteristics:

Honeycomb Toffee Bar
75% Cacao (Belize)

Utah is known as the beehive state, so Ritual couldn’t resist making a chocolate bar that represented the state in this way. Utah-local Hollow Tree Honey, which is carefully sourced raw, wildflower honey from hives across the Wasatch Mountain range, was used for the toffee. This honey is full of floral, nectar flavors that are unique to the array of wildflowers growing in our area.

Juniper & Lavender Chocolate
70% Cacao

Inspired by the mountains and growers around us, this bar is a blend of lavender grown by Lavender Hill Farms in Eden, Utah and dried juniper berries. Both ingredients are finely ground into their Mid-Mountain Blend giving a floral, aromatic finish that lingers on the tongue and conjures up the scent of a high mountain meadow.

S’mores Bar
70% Cacao

Made with caramelized sugar to give a toasty, fresh-off-the-campfire marshmallow taste, with graham crackers sprinkled on the top. This is a great bar to bring on your adventure when you don’t have room for all the s’mores components, but still want to enjoy those classic graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow flavors.

Pine Nut Chocolate
55% Cacao

Inspired by the local flavors surrounding us here in Utah, ground pine nuts have been added to this dark chocolate blend to create a soft, smooth and deliciously nutty bar. Pine nuts are the seeds of Pinyon Pine trees that are native to Utah and grow in the pinyon-juniper woodlands in the picturesque rocky slopes and mesas of the Great Basin.


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