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If you are a local or visitor to Park City, chances are you have visited the Rite Aid on Park Avenue for some essentials. But you may not have visited the shiny Thrifty Ice Cream corner inside. There is quite a unique story to the company, and we suggest you make an après or post-dinner stop to discover the delicious flavors of Thrifty. The ice cream counter located within the Rite Aid store sells hand-scooped ice cream in single, double or triple scoop servings on sugar, cake or waffle cones, as well as offers a frozen yogurt bar.

If you are from California, you may have heard of the Thrifty company previously. The original Thrifty PayLess Holdings, Inc., which began in 1919 in Los Angeles, was a pharmacy holding company that owned over 1,000 of Thrifty Drugs and PayLess Drug Stores chains in the western US. In 1996, Rite Aid acquired all of these West Coast stores from, creating a chain of over 3,500 drug stores.

The Thrifty name as a drugstore may have disappeared in the acquisition, but it still lives on through Thrifty Ice Cream, that was sold in their drugstores. Rite Aid decided to preserve the Thrifty Ice Cream brand, as it won many awards in its history, and had quite a cult following. The unique part of our Park City store is that it is the only Thrifty Ice Cream outside of the state of California. Within California, every Rite Aid carries the tasty ice cream, made with real California Milk.

The brand is most well known for its affordable prices, unique flavors, and their “thrifty” iconic cylinder-shaped scoops. Manager Todd explained to us that these scoops are exclusive to Thrifty. It is the original and authentic scoop used at all of their counters throughout their history. The square shape was made and patented by Thrifty, and was created to make uniform scoops to control costs over time.

On top of the ice cream, the Park City store also carries an array of frozen yogurt. These flavors rotate often, and they currently are offering an Irish Mint flavor for St. Patrick’s day. They also have the only Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf location in Park City. They are not a franchise, but you can purchase all of their popular items from the same counter as the ice cream. The Rite Aid also offers a wide arrange of the ice cream is pre-packaged cartons in the frozen section.

So make sure to stop on your next visit to Rite Aid to try one of the 26 flavors of ice cream, or rotating frozen yogurt flavors, you will be very happy you did!


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